About Artist

I have been in to the world of art since the very early years of my life. I have enjoyed the exploration of various mediums of art and design throughout my life. The joy of arts and designs led me to gain university degrees in graphic design and illustration as well as a later qualification in interior design.

I have always liked to create unique artworks using varied materials.

I love using metallic colours like gold and silver for its beauty and luxurious style as well as using different types of material from chain and wire to natural stones and fabrics. I like using precious stones in my work not only for its beauty and decorative aspect, but also because of its positive impact on its surrounding.

As an artist with many different high qualifications, I like my work to be innovative and unique. A good knowledge in different fields of art and design from graphic design to the world of interior design poses me to have a better understanding of colour harmony and composition and therefore to create beautiful pieces of art which can be a centrepiece in any home with any style.